PIP Services provides professional training courses to help improve safety standards. We have accumulated many partnerships with businesses, social enterprises, and local authorities. As a result we are recognised as being one of the best national providers. When they need to complete SSSTS London residents should make us their first choice.

Understanding how important it is to have the right training, for the right work, is paramount. It is unfortunately all too common to find that companies lack in site supervisory training. Site supervisors act as a role model within businesses, and have a lot of responsibility to carry out. But why else is it important to have the right training?

The most important reason is productivity. Well trained employees tend to be the most productive. It is vital that site supervisors know the processes of working on site, such as working at height, but it’s also important that they have effective communication. This will ensure all operations are running smoothly.

Properly trained employees will also have the relevant knowledge they need to meet relevant regulations, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act. This will ensure that site supervisors run operations correctly; avoiding legal issues. Making sure your employees know the law for onsite work will safeguard your company.

When it comes to toolbox meetings, which focus on safety topics, employees having respect for their supervisor will help in making sure the information delivered is fully taken on board by workers. Otherwise, issues may arise on site, causing a chain of other problems. Highly trained supervisors will always be more respected than individuals without training.

PIP Services is committed to offer training courses that will provide a wide array of benefits, including the SSSTS course. When you come to us we will ensure you are trained properly and get the right knowledge to apply on sites.

The site supervisory course will cover health and safety regulations, specific site issues, tool box talks, health issues, and control of subcontractors. It is delivered by experienced professionals and is an engaging course. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We are happy to provide information and showcase why we are the best when it comes to SSSTS London.