If you presently have or are about to go into a supervisory role but you aren’t certain as to whether you’re adequately prepared, then our specialist courses can help. Covering an array of topics, such as the Health & Safety at Work Act, construction site complications like working from a height, and control of subcontractors, our courses are designed to teach you about the knowledge that one requires for running a safe and secure site. As one of the top suppliers of SSSTS London has available, we are the people to call if you believe that you could benefit from such tutelage.

Whilst on site, your typical manager is well aware of particular dangers, such as falling from heights, structural collapses, sharp tools, circular saws, and others. Because of all these risks, we go to massive lengths to ensure that they are minimised. However, in existence are a series of more understated and considerably less obvious health hazards that exist in construction.

In times of old, cement and plaster bags used to weigh 50kg. The wagons showed up with around 20 tons of them and it was up to the workers to lug them on their backs and stack them with their own hands. A large number of those who used to do this now experience very noticeable pain and back troubles. At first, it didn’t seem proper to lessen the bag’s weight down to 20kg, but it later proved to be a critical long-term endowment to health and safety in the construction industry.

For quite a prolonged period, nearly everyone in this sector thought of dust as just another part of the process. However, not too long ago, an illness thought of as rare become more perceptible. This condition is known as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, which affects the lungs and makes it challenging to breathe. It is for this reason why workers need to wear masks, a rather substantial contribution towards health and safety today.

At PIP Services, no pre-requisites are necessary to participate on our courses. Once you’ve successfully passed, we will issue you with a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate, and if you desire it, you can move on to the SMSTS course afterwards.

If you would like to discuss things with our team, you are more than welcome to contact us. There is no better provider of SSSTS London based managers and supervisors can visit for advanced training courses.