We are proud to offer the very best SSSTS in London. The courses that we run are designed for first line managers that currently have or are about to take on a supervisory role. Looking at subjects like legal responsibilities, environmental and cultural issues, and health & safety, our course teaches one all that they’ll need to know about overseeing a safe working environment. Invaluable to anyone who wishes to keep their operations in check, our course is one you should really consider.

Some think of training as a way to teach new recruits all about the business, but are you aware that those in managerial positions undergo their own tutelage too? Through the use of efficient leadership instruction, the best leaders in the industry are shaped. That being said, here are some other reasons as to why management training is highly advantageous.

To begin with, this is an ideal strategy to retain your workforce. Around 75% of those who leave their jobs voluntarily do not do so because of the position itself, but their bosses. Essentially, employees are leaving behind inefficient leaders. By taking steps to better yourself however, not only shall you be able to keep your valued workers, but also lower those recruitment expenses.

Management tuition can also assist you in nurturing future leaders. You must be strategic when going about nurturing and developing the next generation. If there’s no strategy in place, these vital roles are given to those candidates with the most dominant and forward personalities. First class leadership is a mix of the correct qualities and instruction. As such, you have to pinpoint those who have the potential and offer them the training.

At PIP Services, our course lasts for two days and there are no pre-requisites necessary for this qualification. During your time with us, you will conduct a series of assessments and once you have successfully completed your work, then a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate shall be awarded to you.

If you believe that completing our SSSTS in London would be of benefit to you, please get into contact with us.