For anyone who has or is about to enter a position with supervisory duties, we have the course to help you learn the skills you need. We are the best provider of SSSTS London based learners can come to. Providing an introduction to an array of vital areas, including the likes of health & safety and environmental issues, this course teaches one all that they need to know about running a safer construction site. Designed to give a clear understanding on how these subjects can influence your role, our course is one you should really consider taking.

Managers can have the most substantial impacts on your business. Both good and bad managers sway employee performances and satisfaction, as well as efficiency, turnover, productivity, and the establishment’s overall wellbeing. If the intention of your company is to be profitable, making investments towards training is one of the smartest decisions available to you.

Training is something that takes a lot of time and resources, and it is for this reason why some organisations in the world are finding it difficult to conduct it. To give an example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered that businesses with fewer than 100 workers supplied a meagre 0.8 hours of manager training, which is 12 minutes worth per six-month period. Furthermore, those with employee numbers between 100 and 500 offered only 0.9 hours for the same time span.

Another survey that was carried out by Progressive Business Publications found that a mere 52% of companies had their managers trained once a year or less. The lack of training here is reflected in the Conference Board Report, which revealed that less than one third of managers were thought of as capable leaders. This report also concluded that two thirds of workers aren’t motivated to reach the company’s goals. Clearly, an absence of leadership is the cause of this.

At PIP Services, our course lasts for a total of two days and there are no pre-requisites for the qualification. Whilst on this interactive course you shall engage in class discussions, group activities, carry out presentations, and work on case studies. Upon completion, a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate shall be issued to you.

If there’s anything you’d like us to clarify, feel free to contact our team. We are confident you’ll see why we are the number one choice for SSSTS London residents can call on.