Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme teaches people essential skills. Excelling in offering SSSTS London based managers will be pleased with, our company is perfect for those who currently have or are about to acquire supervisory responsibilities. Providing an introduction into environmental, welfare, and health & safety issues, our course teaches one all that they need to know about running a construction site in a safe manner. Whatever your situation, we promise to prepare you for the important role that lies ahead.

The development and training that an employee experiences is vital to the performance of any business. For a company, the goal may be to obtain a competitive advantage. Others seek to gain better outcomes or amplify work operations. In the end however, every organisation aims to advance their human resources by optimising the talents possessed by their workers. As such, education is a considerable onus, and requires skilful and motivated individuals to manage it.

Awareness of employee training requirements is essential to your team’s evolution. It’s expected of expert trainers to perform an extensive training needs examination prior to conducting an assignment. Managers shall also be required to do this.

By undertaking this assessment, you’ll be able to establish two things. The first is what must be learned and the second is how to prioritise study. Just be sure to not become fixated on the process, as the best instructors read between the lines and then focus on the problem’s source.

Training tends to involve artificial scenarios, but real life situations are always more complex. One part of the challenge of being a manager is to concentrate on your team’s proper teaching needs. This means that you will have to get to the heart of every complication. If you settle for surface solutions, the team shall end up demoralised, preventing the discovery and rectification of the true issue.

At PIP Services the SSSTS course we run lasts for two days and consists of presentations, group work, class talks, case studies and assessments. For the successful participants, a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate will be awarded upon finishing the course.

If you require clarification on anything, please let us know. We are very proud to offer the best SSSTS London based managers can choose to take on.