Despite being in commanding positions, even construction site managers need training to ensure they can fulfil their role effectively. This is exactly what our company specialises in. Whether you are already in a supervisory role or are preparing to go into one, our courses can teach you all about safely overseeing sites. As one of the finest businesses for SSSTS London has available, we are the people to contact if you have to brush up on your skill set.

Every job comes with a certain degree of risk, but a multitude of sectors, including that of construction, are especially hazardous. Should managers within this industry fail to take these risks seriously, complications can manifest in the blink of an eye.

There are many inherent dangers related to construction as you might expect. After all, the job requires use of rough substances, transportation of sizeable loads, working at great heights, and utilising potentially dangerous equipment. The individuals here can be harmed during excavation efforts, fall from heights, or be hit by moving objects. Aside from the more physical issues, workers can also lose their hearing when exposed to loud noises constantly, and inhale dust that could damage the respiratory system.

If you are still not convinced that these problems are a threat, then all you must do is look at the accessible statistics. According to those figures that were generated by the Health and Safety Executive, even though the industry accounts for about 5% of the UK’s workforce, it holds responsibility for 10% of those major workplace injuries that have been reported. During 2013-2014 alone, there were roughly 76,000 instances of ill health in the workplace and approximately 2.3 million lost working days thanks to injury and illness.

At PIP Services, the full SSSTS courses that we run last for two days and covers important topics like the control of subcontractors, specific site issues, and of course, the Health & Safety at Work Act. After completing this course, if you wish to move onto the SMSTS one, you are welcome to do so. In addition we offer a one day SSSTS refresher that should be completed every 5 years.

If you would like to know more about the courses on offer to you, you need only call us. We are happy to explain the content and the advantages of learning with us. We have a fantastic reputation as a leading provider of SSSTS London based individuals can call on.