Construction site managers are tasked with keeping everyone and everything safe, but they cannot do this without the proper instruction. Suitable for current supervisors and those who are about to enter such a role, the courses that we run are designed to teach you all about how health and safety influences your job. As a supplier of some of the top courses related to SSSTS London has to give, we are the people to call if you believe that more training is in order.

Before any kind of construction project is to occur, and before setting foot on a site, you have to make considerations for health and safety. This topic is especially vital within the sector, as construction sites are infamous for their hazardous situations. Although you might not be aware of this, it would be in the interest of your business to ensure that the necessary procedures are in place, and we’re here to tell you why.

If there’s no health and safety plan in position, it’s likely that you’ll be breaking the law. Not only can you be fined and the focus of criminal proceedings, but you may also be outright banned from operating depending on the circumstances. Should the HSE discover that regulations have been breached, they will be able to take action against you. Additionally, an employee can inform the HSE if they feel that the required health and safety training has not been given to them, and they shall then investigate these claims.

Aside from preventing injuries, there are other long-term advantages to gain from health and safety. By taking steps to have the correct stratagems introduced, there’s a far greater chance that your employees will be content with their jobs. Furthermore, if they possess the relevant tools and knowledge, their morale shall thrive and you’ll see a higher level of productivity.

At PIP Services, the courses that we run are very interactive in nature. You can expect to work on case studies, perform group tasks, participate in class deliberations, and produce individual or group presentations, all of which count towards your qualification.

If you would like additional details about our courses, you’re more than welcome to contact us. Keep in mind we are one of the longest serving providers of SSSTS London has and have built up a number of invaluable partnerships. That means the level of training we offer is consistently high.