The SSSTS courses that we run are designed for those who either are about to gain or are already within a supervisory position. Supplying an introduction to various topics, including health & safety, environmental and welfare problems, they give you the knowledge necessary to run a construction site in a safe and effective way. With some of the greatest courses based on SSSTS London has to offer, we are the people to call if you feel that extra tutelage is required.

It’s not likely that you’ll encounter a construction project that isn’t making use of heavy machinery. The primary concern here relates to how dangerous it is to use them improperly. Rollovers, caught in or between incidents, and being struck by objects suddenly are just some of the incidents which workers can experience whilst operating such equipment. By following these safety tips however, you can take steps to not only remain accident free, but also improve productivity.

Whilst working with equipment of a heavy nature, you must be mindful of your surroundings, as well as any obstacles that might get in your way. Any overhead power lines are best depowered, but if this isn’t possible, put up barriers that prevent contact with them. When you’re digging, ensure that all of your underground utilities, namely electrical, water, sewer, and gas, have been discerned and marked clearly to stop any damage and delays. Avoiding them will also save on big repair costs.

At every given opportunity you should keep the workforce out of those locales where heavy equipment is currently functioning. Operators need to be watchful of their swing radius, particularly when they’re in compact spaces. They must do this to safeguard everyone from being hit, as well as protecting the vehicles and structures.

At PIP Services, our courses last for a total of two days, and consist of both group and individual work. Once you have succeeded in passing the course, you shall be presented with a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate for your efforts.

If this you have or will receive supervisory responsibilities you should ensure you have the right knowledge to call on. With the best SSSTS London has to offer you can do just that. To find out more please get into contact with us.