PIP is training providers for the whole construction sector. Since being established in 2005, we have rapidly created strong partnerships and alliances with businesses, social enterprises and local authorities. We provide SMSTS and SSSTS London trainees can rely on. Both are designed to train people in proper health and safety for working on construction sites. But what is the difference, and which should you decide to take – SSSTS or SMSTS?
This particular course is designed for managers who are responsible for managing workforces on construction sites. SMSTS is suitable for any type of manager, experienced or not. It is also widely considered as proof of health and safety experience for helping people get promoted or to obtain a managerial job.

The course entails a combination of group and individual exercises, presentations, and case studies. The subjects covered are risk assessments, health and safety methods, excavations, scaffolding and design management, and demolition.

This course is for first appointment supervisors, or those who are seeking to take up a first management role in construction. The course aims to outline the importance of effective control measures, risk assessments, legal responsibilities and sticking to recent codes of practice. What the main message is in this course, is for supervisors to know and understand good communication, and be able to clearly outline health and safety policies.

Other differences with the courses are that SMSTS is focused more on law and regulatory requirements, and correct practice stated by the Health and Safety Executive. The SSSTS course is aimed to increase understanding for new managers.

There are over 60 deaths a year on construction sites in the UK. As a result there is an increasing demand for improved management and supervision when it comes to health and safety. SMSTS and SSSTS are courses which will help you achieve the requirements for working in the construction industry, safely.

If you wish to take either of these courses, please get in touch with us here at PIP. We are proud to offer the best SMSTS and SSSTS London has to offer, ensuring both courses are delivered to a professional standard.