The help that our company offers is designed to teach those who currently have or are about to go into a supervisory position. As well as in introduction to health and safety, our tutelage also supplies you with an insight into environmental and welfare concerns, as well as legal responsibilities. With some of the top courses focused on SSSTS London has available, we are the ones to contact if you feel that you require more training.

If there’s one thing that construction projects can’t do without, it’s heavy equipment. However, you must know how to use such devices properly if you wish to avoid any accidents whilst working. Those who intend to guarantee an accident-free and productive site should pay attention to the following advice.

This first point should be obvious, but there are correct and incorrect methods of mounting and dismounting from heavy gear. Whilst climbing in always ensure that the three points of contact are preserved, just as someone does when they’re using a ladder. Don’t carry anything as you enter or leave the cab, and never jump out or off in order to exit.

Prior to each use, conduct a visual examination of your heavy machinery to see if everything is in decent standing. At the bare minimum, it would be ideal for you to assess the fluid levels, including any hydraulic fluids and engine oil before turning on your equipment for the first time. Once started up see to it that every bucket, shovel, and arm operates normally.

At PIP Services, our courses are invaluable to anyone who wants to learn more about managing a safe construction site. Lasting for a total of two days, participants will take part in discussions, presentations, group activities, and work on case studies. Upon completion, you shall receive a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate.

If you desire additional details on our course, you’re welcome to get in touch with us. We will explain why we are the best for SSSTS London has to offer and what the training includes.