If you are unsure of what SSSTS training entails, it is a CITB course for construction site supervisors. It is nationally recognised as being a safety qualification which is required to be able to work for major contractor groups in supervisor roles. At PIP Services we work hard to provide the highest quality SSSTS London has to offer, delivering training to an excellent standard.

Workplace safety and constructions skills go hand in hand, and SSSTS is a priority course to achieve optimum site safety, preventing injuries and accidents. It’s essential that all organisations follow the law, ensuring that sites are run with minimal risk to employees. Every year thousands of workers are injured, including those in the construction industry. In many cases the injuries could have been prevented with proper training, risk assessments, and procedures.

PIP provides the SSSTS course and refresher courses too. It is considered the first step in health and safety for new supervisors and managers. There is a legal and moral responsibility you must fulfil when working in this role, so you must be aware of all aspects of the course.  We recommend for all site supervisors to constantly work to keep their skills, knowledge, and competency high.

You need to be fully informed of site safety, as you the supervisor will likely be considered as first contact for employees if they have any concerns. Doing the SSSTS course will ensure you achieve a well-rounded understanding of the site supervisor role.

SSSTS is essential for those who want to acquire supervisory responsibilities within the construction industry. It is endorsed by the UK Contractors Group, and is vital for creating a safe setting for employees on site. The CITB SSSTS qualification is essential for supervisors working on any UKCG site.

There are many accredited training centres that can provide this course, such as ourselves. PIP Services are happy to to help those wishing to undertake this course, so feel free to get in touch with us today for more information. We are proud to be one of the leading providers of SSSTS London has to offer.