Our course is one that is designed with first line managers in mind, either those who are about to receive or already hold supervisory responsibilities. With us, you’ll learn everything you will need to in order to operate a construction site that is both efficient and above all else, safe. Organising some of the best courses based around SSSTS London has, we are the people to call if you believe that further education is necessary.

When working on a construction site, chances are that you are going to have to use trucks and similar vehicles at some point. This might seem like common knowledge to some, but you must always have your seatbelt on. That rule isn’t there for no good reason. In fact, it could potentially save your life. If your gear begins to roll over or tip, the seatbelt is likely going to be your saviour.

Should such a situation occur, instinct may tell you to jump out. However, this is perhaps the worst thing you can do. Your vehicle can tip back and fall as you attempt to escape. Alternatively, you might be flung out or caught as things roll over, resulting in some massive injuries. The protection scheme in place was created specifically to keep you secure in incidents like this one.

One final piece of advice is to keep the area clear. If there’s equipment currently in operation, you can employ barriers to cordon everything off. For those who are using or transporting utensils near workers, use a spotter who uses hand or radio signals to communicate so that you can keep the blind spots unclouded. This is particularly essential whilst backing up, as the alarms may not be noticed due to the persistent noises going on.

At PIP Services, our qualification covers topics that include the Health and Safety at Work Act and the control of subcontractors. The course lasts for two days and upon successfully completing it, you shall be presented with a CITB Site Safety Plus Certificate.

If you desire our aid, please contact the company. We are proud to be one of the most reputable providers of SSSTS London has to offer, delivering consistently high standards of tuition. You can really benefit from taking a course with us so why not have a look today?