Running a construction site is no simple feat, especially when you don’t have a great deal of experience to your name. We focus our efforts on making things much easier for you to handle, running some of the best courses for SSSTS London has available. With our assistance, you’ll soon come to learn about specific site issues, health and safety concerns, and all the relevant regulations that need to be followed.

To say that the construction industry has a reputation for danger is putting it mildly. On a daily basis, workers find themselves operating within unpredictable situations. There are a series of hazards that are intrinsic to the industry, but there are precautions team members and individual contractors can take in order to minimise the risks. What we intend to do is go through some of said precautions here.

Scaffolding is both erected and taken apart. The perils involved include the likes of failing to repair or replace weakened components, not instructing workers on the proper safety requirements, and an absence of safety assessments. With routine maintenance, sufficient awareness, and training, the number of scaffolding incidents can be lowered substantially.

Depending on which worksite you are based at, operatives might find themselves requiring access to various forms of safety utensils. This includes safety harnesses and hard hats. Complications related to such equipment consist of not teaching employees about the necessary safety measures, using aged gear, and insufficient oversight.

At PIP Services, the courses we run have an interactive nature to them, requiring you to participate in both individual and group tasks, classroom discussions, and work on case studies. This makes it easier to learn and provides many benefits. We are the best for SSSTS London has because we shall provide you with all the knowledge needed for you to do your job properly.

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