Training is undoubtedly the best thing to help anyone who seeks to further his or her progression in their chosen career path. For those who work in the construction industry and are either currently in or are going into a managerial position, one training scheme that we can’t recommend highly enough is that of our CITB Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme, or SSSTS for short. Introducing you to such topics as environmental issues and health & safety, this is one training course that you should seriously consider doing.

There are numerous things that tutelage can do for employees, even those who are in leadership positions. Should the instruction prove effective enough, it can be used to multi-skill or up-skill your work force. What up-skilling consists of is expanding on someone’s existing knowledge and skills, supplying the company with more experts within a certain area.

Multi-skilling is where employees are trained in new or related working subjects in order to enhance their usability within the business. Those individuals that possess diverse talents have the means to perform a plethora of tasks and transitioning into other roles is made easier for them as well.

Training can also aid employees in amplifying both their productivity and efficiency in finishing their day-to-day duties. Both of these are great benefits, making the investment in training really worthwhile.

Something else it can do is assisting the business as a whole in achieving a much better consistency in terms of process adherence. Doing this shall make projecting outcomes and meeting targets a much simpler task. If you happen to meet your targets at a consistent pace, then your reputation will also blossom.

At PIP Services we have built a reputation as the best provider of SSSTS London residents can call on. The course is one that intends to present site supervisors with a comprehensive understanding of how their role is affected by health & safety. It also teaches them what they can do to keep the site in a safe state.

No pre-requisites are needed for this 2-day course and following the completion of our assessment, a CITB Site Safety Plus Certificate shall be issued. If you believe this course could be of benefit to you, please do get in touch.