In a recent news article we looked at how we make sure a practical component is an integral part of our SSSTS training in London. As important as it is to both teach and learn the factual and technical elements of being a supervisor it is absolutely vital to make sure those who train with us have the ability, skill and confidence to demonstrate them in real life situations.

The consequences of not doing this can be very severe for both the Site Supervisor and the staff or contractors they are overseeing. This is something which has been, very regrettably, illustrated in a sentence handed down by Manchester Magistrates Court.

A site supervisor – one who was both qualified and experienced in the work – was found guilty of not carrying out the expected level of supervisory duties which they were responsible for. The sentence given is a suspended six month jail term and a fine of £1,500. Charges were brought after the supervisor sentenced was caught on film effectively not supervising an asbestos removal site.

Video evidence was presented to the court which showed the supervisor allowing people to enter the asbestos removal site without wearing the regulated protective clothing and without any respiratory protection. This put those working on the site at substantial risk, and undermined the measures put in place to prevent asbestos fibres escaping to other parts of the building.

We’d like to focus on one aspect of the sentencing. In handing down the sentence, it was made clear that, above and beyond the very serious consequences of his actions, the supervisor was guilty of abusing the trust placed in him in the position he had.

From our position as the leading name for SSSTS training in London, we cannot emphasise enough how much value is placed on being able to trust those appointed to a supervisory role. Those visiting or working on a site must – implicitly and naturally – be able to trust the decisions, guidance, advice and instructions made or given by the supervisor. We make sure that those who come to us for training understand and appreciate just how important this is.