Everyone requires employee training at certain points in their careers, even managers who possess authority over the workforce. What our company does is assist construction specialists who are in such positions, teaching them how run a site in a safe and secure manner. As one of the most esteemed businesses offering courses for SSSTS London has, you should get in touch with us if you feel that additional tutelage is necessary.

In construction, one hazard that is typically overlooked is fatigue. Be it mental or physical in nature, the tiredness negatively affects the person’s ability to efficiently and safely perform their job. Under such conditions, the chance of injuries and accidents happening increases. Most worrying of all, these two things can result in fresh complications.

To minimise fatigue on site, a management scheme needs to be put into place. Employers should inform their workers of the risks associated with a fatigued state. It’s not a smart idea to overwork employees or present them with unrealistic expectations either. If you ignore this advice, the contractors will only feel pressured into pushing themselves well beyond their normal limits.

The optimum solution would be to survey operatives for symptoms of fatigue. There’s actually wearable technology out there designed to aid you with this, including Redpoint, SolePower, and Caterpillar. See to it that everyone has enough break periods and that they’re consuming a sufficient amount of fluids. After all, dehydration is just as bad as tiredness.

A quick cup of caffeine or a short nap shall help keep you awake temporarily, but sleep is the only true remedy for the fatigued. Employees must get a good night’s sleep, with seven to nine hours being the recommendation.

At PIP Services, we offer SSSTS London based individuals can rely on. The training is but the first step on the CITB ladder, meaning there are opportunities for further progression. After receiving their certificate for completing this curriculum, anyone who desires it can progress onto our SMSTS course to advance their knowledge on construction safety further.

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask us, you’re more than welcome to contact us anytime.