We are very proud to be celebrated as one of the very best providers of SSSTS London has. Thanks for this has to be given to our structured courses and professional approach. We help prepare line managers so they can meet their responsibilities by providing an introduction to such topics as welfare and environmental concerns, as well as health & safety. With our teachings in tow, you will be able to manage a construction site in a safer and more efficient manner.

Not everyone is a born leader and no one possesses managerial skills at birth. These talents are instead obtained and developed via experience and training. The simple truth however is that every business requires an excellent manager for their teams, but the lack of manger-material is making finding qualified individuals problematic. It is for this reason why managers and managers-to-be are sent on courses to hone their abilities.

One of the best parts about being a manager trainee is that you are exposed to all of your company’s aspects. Trainees would be expected to know the ins and outs, from customer service to human resources and operations. Even limited trainees are presumed to be well informed about a function’s characteristics. A construction manager trainee for example would take the time to go over all the relevant health & safety regulations so that they can be aware of what is and isn’t good practice.

Being a manager in training is also the number one way to earn your stripes. Being part of a training course is like school in some respects. The primary difference here is that you encounter real work-relevant scenarios that require fast and executable solutions. You are effectively presented with the chance to experience a managerial role, only without the massive responsibilities and potential repercussions.

At PIP Services the SSSTS courses we offer in London run for two days and cover tool box talks, control of subcontractors, specific site issues, and a host of other subjects. No pre-requisites are necessary for this course and upon completion you shall be issued with a CITB Site Safety Plus certification.

If you would like us to provide further information about the course, or want to know why we are the best SSSTS provider London has, feel free to contact us.