If you are a manager, you might be responsible for an entire team of workers and a large site. Unfortunately, you may not know everything you need to in order to keep them safe. The instruction we provide aims to correct this. It will present you with an introduction to the likes of environmental, welfare, and health and safety concerns. Operating some of the most detailed courses for SSSTS London has available; we are the people you should get in touch with if you’re interested in learning more.

It’s no secret that construction worksites are hazardous places to be. Dangers lurk around each corner, meaning that it’s important for everyone to be informed of and follow the prescribed safety regulations. To assist you in your efforts in maintaining secure surroundings, we’ve summarised a few tips below.

What can be done to improve safety?

You might not think it, but one of the dominant causes of injuries with equipment operatives is actually getting in and out of their gear. Of course, minimising the risks to everyone isn’t as complex as you may believe. Have your team examine their gloves and boots for slippery materials, and get them to wipe them off. Prior to hoisting themselves up, it would be advisable for staff members to get a hand or foot hold. Be patient whilst operating equipment too, and avoid actions like hopping up and down.

Those who climb stairs or ladders on a regular basis should also take certain safety measures. Examine them for weak, worn, loose, damaged, or broken treads. If you find any, do not stand near them, and let everyone else know about the danger immediately. When conditions are either wet or icy, metal ladders shouldn’t be used at all.

At PIP Services, our courses are amongst the best for SSSTS London has. They are but the first ones that exist on our CITB ladder though. Anyone who is successful in passing can move up to the SMSTS course and learn even more about site management safety.

If you wish to take part, please contact our company.