The SSSTS course has been especially designed for first line managers, providing new skills for those who are currently taking on or about to gain supervisory duties. It shall give each candidate a clear understanding of health and safety factors to be aware of and their responsibility, enabling them to run the construction site in compliance with the law. With our assistance, staying safe on site will become a much easier process.

Whenever a manager has been effectively trained, they are in a greater position to train their own workforce. Well-educated staff that are completely aware of their own responsibilities, not to mention what is expected of them, transform into a highly functional team that offers a superior level of service to clients. Managers with trained workers better perform their tasks and aren’t as likely to make mistakes that could lead to lost profit.

Trained managers are also more confident in their role and possess the skills needed to motivate the workforce. Construction environments require united cooperation and teamwork in order to remain safe and complete jobs. Managers can evoke top quality performances by keeping everybody focused and motivated. Through the use of fruitful resolution strategies, positive feedback and performance reviews, numerous kinds of motivation can be attained.

If people aren’t certain of their duties, or if there’s a communication failure, conflicts can often be the result. Trained managers are proficient at employee relations and operating a focused and positive workplace. If the manager has excellent interpersonal talents, they can assist with heightening understandings between peers and help resolve any misunderstandings.

At PIP Services we provide SSSTS in London, offering courses that run for two days. At the end an assessment will be conducted to review what has been learned. Following the successful completion of this assessment, a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate shall be issued. This showcases your skills and credentials.

Contact our team if you are interested in participating on the course and would like to find out more about when they are being held.