There are many people who, when coming to us for SSSTS training in London, expect it to focus on legislation and laws regarding Health and Safety requirements. It is indeed true that this features prominently, as it’s vital for supervisors to have a full working knowledge of these important matters. A theoretical understanding is, however, not enough to achieve success in the role. We understand this, which is why the course involves a considerable amount of practical work.

Knowing the rules and regulations you will be responsible for is of course important. This knowledge does not in itself, however, make you either able or perfectly prepared to carry out the functionality of the role. There’s an old adage about how experience is the best teacher. We very much believe this to be true, and this is reflected in the nature of our SSSTS training course.

One of the most crucial aspects of being a site supervisor is the ability to manage many different people. This is undoubtedly one of those parts of life which is a lot easier said than done. On a building site you will be working with professionals who are well aware of health and safety matters. It’s true that this makes the work of a supervisor easier, but behaviour management must still be carried out.

In your role as a site supervisor you will be expected to that the behaviours of all staff and sub-contractors is compliant with the contractors expressed approach to ensuring Health & Safety standards are met. There are going to be instances where someone brings with them their own understanding of how to carry out a function safely which directly challenges the current site requirements. We will make sure you know how to handle situations such as this to reach mutual and beneficial success.

In providing SSSTS training in London we place great emphasis on making sure you know how to turn technical knowledge into practical experience. Group work and practical activities form part of the course, with the exercises designed to give an accurate sense of what awaits you in the role of site supervisor.