Keeping things safe and secure is a job allocated to every construction site supervisor and manager. They need the proper training in order to carry out their role effectively though. The training we offer is designed to teach first line supervisors all that they are required to know, covering several vital topics. Since ours are some of the most standout courses for SSSTS London has to give, you should get in touch with us if you feel that you aren’t sufficiently prepared.

Every year, the number of injuries that happen on construction sites in the UK ranges in the thousands. The vast majority of them have something to do with equipment and machine operation. Many incidents are the fault of operators, but a sizeable portion of them can be attributed to other individuals who get too close, including passers-by, labourers, and spotters. Additionally, due to the forces and physics involved, typical first-aid treatment may not be enough to treat injuries.

To ensure that supervisors can reduce the risk of these issues occurring, we’ve produced some expert safety advice below for you to look at.

If you ask any backhoe driver what annoys them the most, chances are that they’ll say it’s the people on the ground who feel it necessary to crowd their machinery. Individuals have a habit of standing at the edge of the hole and watching the dirt being shifted. Normally, there’s no legitimate reason why they should be there, and all they’re really doing is increasing the risk of injury.

Everyone must keep their distance from the operating areas at all times. It is important for the supervisor to establish that crowding machinery is not safe and should never be done. They should also advise operators to communicate effectively.

At PIP Services, course participants take part in both individual and group work. During the training they are frequently assessed to test their knowledge. Those who pass shall be presented with a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate and will be given the chance to move on to the SMSTS course if they wish to.

If you believe that taking the best SSSTS London has to offer would benefit you, be sure to contact the company. We will discuss the content and when the next sessions are being held. Booking a place is easy and you will receive big benefits from completing the training.